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We’re happy to announce we’ve launched the Radiojar Open Beta today. You can now sign up and start creating new radio stations!

At Radiojar, we’re aiming to replace the usually challenging and expensive setup of hardware, software and operations needed to run a professional internet radio station with one simple and easy to use online service. 

We hope you like our new website, we’re sporting a brand new homepage and an updated design. The entire front-end or our application has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster and more responsive (and features an all-new radio player).

Radiojar has been running in private beta since September. During this time, we’ve had the chance to evaluate how real radio stations use Radiojar in their day-to-day operations and we think we’ve managed to bring this knowledge into this new design and we’ve made the DJs’ and station administrators’ lives even easier than before. We’ve also had the chance to run stress tests on real usage scenarios and make sure our application can scale up to handle high demand. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our private beta radio stations who put up with our first bugs and helped us with valuable feedback. For all new radio stations created on Radiojar, our new pricing policy will apply. Have a look at the radio stations currently hosted on Radiojar.

Our new website runs on our brand new REST API, which we’ll be releasing soon to the public, so if you’re a developer you’ll be able to integrate Radiojar with your websites and applications with great power and flexibility (contact us for more info). Here are two applications of this API that we’ve rolled out in the past couple of months and you can check out now: toradiofono.gr (a new, independent Greek web radio station with a beautiful backbone.js-powered website) and ECM radio (visible only from Greece/Cyprus, a radio station to showcase the music of the ECM record label on their Greek website).

Stay tuned for more!

George Terezakis
Posted: 1 year ago


Radiojar is creating a new breed of internet radio broadcasting and monetization platform. We believe in real radio by real people. Our vision is to empower DJs and Radio Owners around the world to increase their listener base, become financially successful, and reach their full potential as inspirers and providers of remarkable content.

On this blog we share insights to our product, company and customers, as well as our thoughts about the future of internet radio and how to be successful in the business.

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